Organic fabrics and sustainability

Our textiles and products should feel great and look fabulous – but for us it’s as much as important that they are fabricated in a fair and sustainable way.

We have therefore decided on a fabric supplier who exclusively offers organic cotton from their own projects in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan and has the compliance with the ecological rules controlled by an independent certification company. Neither genetically modified seeds nor artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used in the cultivation of the cotton – pests in the cotton field are combated using natural methods. Because only rain and melt water is used to irrigate the plants, the entire cotton production is not only ecological but also CO2 neutral.

All fabrics we use carry the ‘Fair for life’ seal – a certification programme for social responsibility and fair trade. In addition to social and fair trade criteria such as the abolition of prohibited child labour, non-discrimination, good working conditions, health and safety at work, the programme also includes fair wages, long-term and partnership-based trade relations and environmental criteria.

We have also selected our colours according to ecological compatibility – after extensive testing we now use a water-based colour pigment system whose components meet all requirements of the Oeko-Tex and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guidelines. The pigment concentrates guarantee a bright, brilliant colour reproduction and a pleasant feel of the printed fabric.