On May 9, 2019, the time had come: for the very first time we were able to visit the premises of our future workshop. The joy was great: room completely empty, a beautiful window front to the north, everything freshly painted. Soemthing new was in the air!
Three days earlier, after 5 years in Tucson/Arizona (we’ll report on that another time), we had returned to Frankfurt and wanted to start again immediately. This was also necessary because our fully packed shipping container had already arrived in Bremerhaven and should be delivered within the next few days after customs clearance. Inside the container was, besides all screen printing materials, our extensive print archive, so a sensible design of the new room was the first important step.
Our workshop is more or less square (700 x 730cm) and has high ceilings on the door side, sloping down to the window front – ideal for a second floor to store the archive. After 2-3 visits to the hardware store everything was in place to build the new level and place shelves, and luckily we finished just in time before our freight arrived.
Since then, the layout of our workshop has remained the same except for minor rearrangements: we have 2 work tables with computers, a self-built screen printing table with vacuum for serigraphs, a screen printing carousel for shirts, 2 large drawing cabinets with 10 drawers each, several shelves for tools, screens, squeegees, paints and all other materials, a large refrigerator for storing paint, a rack for drying our prints, a bookcase and a felt hundred little things more. Next to our actual workshop there is a wet room with a large wash-out basin, exposure table, darkroom, toilet and wash basin. The new heart of the workshop, however, still shone by its absence: the new printing table for the fabric yard ware! More about this soon…