The “Abstract animals” series owes its creation to a longer stay in the West Texas desert – more precisely, a visit to the former ghost town of Lobo, which was and is revived from time to time for various events. The absence of human inhabitants for several months, sometimes even several years, makes the animal kingdom happy, and our graphic series shows a part of the animals that literally crossed our path in Lobo. The series was first shown in 2016 at the “Desert Dust Cinema”, a short film festival in Lobo, in the saloon there – at that time still as silkscreen on stained wooden panels. The total of 11 motifs were then produced with four different background colours as a screen-printed postcard series, 7 motifs were later also printed on paper in poster format – these are still available on our shop page. Newly added since April 2020 is the lampshade on which cat, owl and rabbit gather together.