Apple wine – super. Apple wine from controlled organic cultivation – even better! For all non-Hessians, it should be briefly mentioned here that apple wine is a fruit wine that is either pressed from a single variety or from a mixture of different, usually relatively acidic apples and fermented alcoholically. Apple wine tastes sour or at least acidic, and has not much in common with the cider on offer in the supermarket.

In the Frankfurt region, cider is also called “Stöffsche” – so it was only natural that our “Stöffsche for the Stöffsche” (sorry – hard to translate) should finally find its way into the farm shop of Obsthof am Steinberg in Frankfurt Nieder-Erlenbach, because after all, sustainability and ecological compatibility are also a big issue for us.

Andreas Schneider, the boss of Obsthof am Steinberg, wanted to redecorate his farm shop for the start of spring and fortunately had his sights set on our quince and apple yard goods. We had apple fabric in stock, but the quince had to be reprinted – here you can see a few snapshots and a clip of the printing process, and of course impressions of the result, which is quite impressive we think.
We sewed loops with heavy metal rods in them so that the fabric panels hang nicely and don’t flutter around with every gust of wind, because sometimes a fresh breeze blows in the half-open farm shop. If you are in the area: make sure you plan a detour to the fruit farm on the Steinberg – we can only recommend it…
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